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Rotary Finger started off as an acoustic blend spanning different influences, ages, cultures and languages; a reworking of great classics and undiscovered contemporaries; a musical self-discovery.
When that self-discovery was put to the test, and they finally got out old recordings of melodies, chords, words, myriads of ideas waiting to be given a form, a sense, and most importantly a life, and brought them together, here’s what came about..

Formed after a chance encounter in Italy between Paolo La Ganga, guitar-strummer extraordinaire and Sonia Ter Hovanessian and her “chocolate-velvet” voice and flighting fluting fancies.

Their influences vary greatly, and in their music you can feel Paolo’s love for Blues and Pop, Sonia’s passion for Jazz and the power of words in Folk, wrapped up with a silver lining of flute…

Through their music, Paolo, (from Bologna, Italy), and Sonia, (French-Armenian originally from Brighton, UK), tell the story of the coming together of their different cultures and languages, and how they found a common home and understanding in the universality of music.
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